Dearman's Awards

On Sept. 19, 2009, SAU of Magnolia held a Mule Trail Ride in honor of the SAU Mule Riders Centennial.  130 mules were in the ride.

Hoss (shown below) won the Best Mule Award!  Congratulations, Ray & Hoss

Ray and Glenda Dearman



Ray with Hoss,
Arkansas State Champion
Walking Mule, 2007


Thank You Larry & Wanda Cox
or letting us buy Harley,
2007 First Place Louisiana Walking Mule.


img Dearman's Gaited Mules
Hammer Head

Bred and Raised out of Dearman's Gaited Mule Stock.
Now Owned and Trained by Larry & Wanda Cox of
Justaswinging Farms of Monroe, La.

img AGMA Registered, 2011 Reserved Ark State Walkimg Mule Champion
AGMA Registered
2011 Reserved Ark. State Walking Mule Champion

For Sale
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2007 Arkansas State Racking Champion
"Ishe" - 2007 Arkansas State Racking Champion
Call 318/325-5334 or 318/547-0677

Home of Hoss

Arkansas State Champion Walking Mule 2007


What is a Gaited Mule?

A gaited mule is any mule that has a smooth gait other than a walk, and one which is distinct from a trot.  Some gaits are:  single-foot, fox-trot, rack, running walk, stepping pace, paso fino, and other smooth gaits, whatever you might call them.

Whatever the gait may be called, its primary virtue is smoothness.  The gaited mule (or horse, for that matter) can be ridden farther without discomfort from the bouncing one experiences at a trot and at a more manageable pace than a canter.  A
gaited mule is great for trail riding, for obvious reasons.

From the American Gaited Mule Association web site